Scope Of Testing

Scope of Testing

Toxicology includes both Presumptive (Qualitative immunoassay screening) and Definitive (Quantitative or Confirmatory) analyses. Drug testing involves one or more techniques used to identify specific drugs or their metabolites.


Presumptive screens attempt to identify a wide range of illicit and therapeutic substances. There is no simple presumptive process that can identify all drugs. 


A definitive analysis both identifies particular substances and establishes how much is present. Definitive analyses are more complicated than presumptive analyses because they must be calibrated and controlled for each particular substance.

Specimen Adulteration

Upon receipt a specimen is scanned and designated a unique lab accession number by ARIA’s Laboratory Information System (LIS) for the most reliable identification and tracking. An aliquot sample of the patients sample undergoes adulteration testing (pH, creatinine, specific gravity & oxidants) to ensure the sample’s integrity and that it has not been adulterated. 

Presumptive Testing

Presumptive testing or screening is a negative/positive result for specific drugs and/or their metabolites. ARIA employs an Automated Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA or EIA) system for this analysis. Specimens that test positive, or unexpected for drugs can be subjected to the definitive or confirmation phase.

Definitive Testing

Definitive analyses using sophisticated, calibrated equipment with higher sensitivities provides the quantitative (ng/ml) result. Definitive, or confirmatory, testing may be performed on positive or unexpected results to corroborate the initial screening result. Definitive testing is conducted via High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

Advanced Response Medical Review

Following the specimen analyses ARIA will certify the results. Results are reviewed to identify any false or unexpected results as well as uncovering any cross-reactivity interference from structurally similar substances. ARIA applies CAP standards to our Quality Control and Quality Assurance, documenting throughout testing to help clients confidently and accurately maximize compliance and mitigate risk.

Drug Compliance Reporting

ARIA offers web, EMR and cloud-based reporting. Paperless reports can be delivered conveniently and securely to the customer. Sample analysis results are delivered in a comprehensive and easy-to-interpret report that highlights positive and inconsistent results. Certified technicians are available for consultation to clarify and explain the technical findings.

The ARIA Team

Providing fast, accurate results requires a highly qualified, professional staff. Our team combines 70+ years of experience. ARIA uses the highest quality equipment and a world-class Laboratory Information System (LIS). Test results are released to clients after they are scrutinized and dual-data review approved. Customer confidentiality is paramount throughout each phase of testing, and thus ARIA uses an encrypted, HIPAA compliant portal.


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