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Gabapentin, also known as Neurontin, is most often prescribed to treat seizures and nerve pain. A side effect many patients experience is sedation, which is why the drug is gaining in popularity among opioid abusers...

Gabapentin’s Secret: The Drug Opioid Abusers Crave

A drug that is often prescribed as an alternative to opioid pain medication is increasingly being abused by patients, according to a small study that found one out of five patients taking the drug illicitly...

Every day in America 115 people die from an opioid overdose, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Beyond this sobering figure on sheer loss of life, the economic burden of the opioid epidemic is staggering...

Fighting an Opioid Epidemic

Why And When To Test

The headlines over the past few years have been riddled with stories of fraudulent testing and billing

practices. Aria Diagnostics is streamlining the drug screening process and cutting down on unnecessary



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